At BarCamp, you don’t have to be an expert to give a talk

You just have to be passionate. At BarCamp, you won’t find a predetermined speaker list or a line of suits passing out business cards. What you will find is some shaggy dude in a t-shirt talking about moonshine, a web developer talking about the best practices in SEO, or a world traveler sharing their experiences. BarCamp is a chance to network, learn something new, and communicate what you’re most passionate about. Come one, come all.

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You should speak!

Talks are organized into one of four speaking categories. Possible talks may include:


Marketing Your iOS App, Bird Watching for fun and profit, Competitive Intelligence on a Shoestring, How to get Venture Capital, Fostering a Co-working Environment

Entrepreneur track sponsored by Big Omaha.


CSS3 and the Future of Design, How to Wrangle WordPress, HTML5 and the Modern Browser, iPhone, Me, and My Drone, Hardware is the New Geocities

Technology track sponsored by Agape Red.


Creative Problem Solving, How to Make the Perfect Paper Snowflake, Design for Mobile Devices, Plumbing Metaphors can Improve Your Interfaces, Photography Lighting Basics

Creative track sponsored by AIGA Nebraska.

Kitchen Sink

Squirrel Trapping and More, How to Chop Wood like a Pro, Teenage Globetrotting, Making the Best Cup of Coffee, Down a Rabbit Hole of Cool Science

Kitchen Sink track sponsored by Hudl.

the 2015 Event Schedule

Friday, August 28th

Slowdown, 729 N. 14th St. • Omaha, NE 68102

7 PM → Opening Party Begins

Show up, relax, mingle with other BarCampers and have a drink on our opening party sponsor Lyconic!

Saturday, August 29th

Kaneko, 1111 Jones St. • Omaha, NE 68102

8 AM

Breakfast / Sign Up

Grab some breakfast and coffee, sign up for a talk, and start the day getting to know your fellow BarCampers.

9 AM

Morning Talks Begin

We’ll start out the first round of talks promptly at 9am, so make sure you’re all settled in and ready to learn!

12 PM

Lunch / Networking

Hang out with your new BarCamp friends and enjoy a delicious lunch provided by our friends at the AIM Institute.

1 PM

Afternoon Talks Begin

At 1pm, we’ll reconvene for our afternoon session of talks!

5 PM


Say your goodbyes, collect addresses for your new pen pals, and start looking forward to next year. Don’t forget to pick up your free tee sponsored by Omaha Code School and other BarCamp memorabilia from the merch table!

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I paying $15 for?

  • Opening Party / Drink Ticket
  • Breakfast
  • Soda & Snacks
  • Lunch
  • BarCamp T-shirt
  • Good Times / New Friends (which is sorta priceless…)

Do I have to give a talk?

Absolutely not! Many people come to BarCamp just to meet new people and listen to other folks give cool presentations, and that’s great! We encourage people to participate however they are most comfortable. That’s the beauty of the “un-conference.” You can pretty much do whatever you want.

What should I bring?

  • Your notebook and a pen for taking notes and collecting autographs.
  • Something to share with all of your new friends...a business card perhaps?
  • A clean pair of underpants (just in case!)
  • A friend…if your friend fits in your fanny pack.

How long are the talks?

Each time slot is 30 minutes. Speakers are allowed to use that time however they wish. You could even share one 30-minute time slot with multiple people or set up a panel discussion. It’s probably a good idea to allow time for comments and questions because BarCamp audiences tend to be very participatory!

Can I give a sales presentation?

No. To be respectful of our BarCamp attendees, sales presentations or all-out sales pitches are not allowed. Don’t even try it, folks.


A Huge Thanks to All Our Amazing Barcamp 2015 Sponsors!

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